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MegaFlow™ Sump

The All-Glass MegaFlow™ Sump Filters have been painstakingly engineered to provide quiet and efficient filtration for your fresh or saltwater aquarium.  They are available in four sizes and re designed for aquariums from 54 to 240 gallons.  The MegaFlow sumps are the perfect fit for both MegaFlow and Corner Overflow Aquariums.
As the water from the main aquarium enters into the sump the enclosed “Drain / Bubble Chamber” allows air to expel quietly.  The water then passes through the pre-filter media and out the bottom of the removable filter media tray.  This tray can easily be removed and filled with aquarium media.  The large bio area comes filled with blue bio balls and the molded media grate keeps the biological media above the water line for effective filtration.  Each sump has a large main sump reservoir allowing the user to add protein skimmers, calcium reactors or fluidized chambers.  Prior to the water entering the pump chamber, it passes through a bubble defusing sponge.  The pump chamber is designed to accommodate most major brands of submersible pumps.  Each sump includes flexible drain hoses and hose clamps.  

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Sump        Item #            Fits Tanks                                    3-Pack #
Model 1    19000        54 Corner, 55                                   19030
Model 2    19005        55,72Bow,75                                    19035
Model 3    19010        65,75,90,92 Corner,110X              19035
Model 4    19015        120,125,150,155 Bow,180,210    19040
Product Features

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  Product Size Color/Finish UPC Code Item #
Model 1
Download High-Res Image (525KB)
Model 1 015905190008 19000
Model 1 Pre-Filter Media 3-Pack 015905190305 19030
Model 2
Download High-Res Image (438KB)
Model 2 015905190053 19005
Model 2 Pre-Filter Media 3-Pack 015905190350 19035
Model 3
Download High-Res Image (427KB)
Model 3 015905190107 19010
Model 3 Pre-Filter Media 015905190350 19035
Model 4
Download High-Res Image (379KB)
Model 4 015905190152 19015
Model 4 Pre-Filter Media 015905190404 19040