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Mini Bow™ 5.0 Goldfish Kit

Desktop Aquarium Kit

It's a great place for a hobby to grow! These aquariums are a handsome addition to even the smallest spaces like a desktop, dorm room, school, or almost anywhere in your home. Bowfront design offers ample swimming area for pet fish, is easy to set up and maintain and creates a relaxing environment. This fun and easy aquarium will bring you hours of enjoyment everyday and is perfect for a first aquarium.

The perfect place for your goldfish to play!

Kit Includes
  • Mini Bow 5.0 Aquarium
  • Mini Bow Quiet Flow Filter and Cartridge
  • Aquarium Light Hood with Bulb
  • Water Conditioner
  • Goldfish Flakes
  • Aquarium Set-up and Care Guide

Product Features

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Mini Bow™ 5.0 Goldfish Kit
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14.4" x 9.8" x 13.5" Black 015905177771 17777